Skywave Isat Data Pro IDP 600


USD $500,000.00 


IsatData Pro is a global, low data rate, two-way packet data service for machine-to-machine communications.It offers a higher payload than the existing Isat M2M service, allowing larger volumes of messages to be sent. The service will prove very attractive for customers who need to communicate with mobile or fixed assets, wherever they are in the world.

Service access

IsatData Pro is accessed using a series of highly robust terminals manufactured by SkyWave. The IDP 100 series modems are designed to be integrated by third parties into larger systems to create unique products to serve specific customer requirements. The IDP 600 series includes a land and maritime terminal for monitoring your fixed or mobile assets.

IDP 100 Series
IDP 600 Series

Land service and applications comparison

Download our Land service comparison or Land applications and servicessheets for more information on how IsatData Pro compares to other services within the land portfolio.

Cost-effective monitoring of mobile and fixed assets:

  • Increased visibility of your fixed and mobile assets with two-way communications
  • Low hardware and air-time costs offer fast return on investment for monitoring and security applications
  • Availability of our satellites exceeds 99.9%
  • Capability of broadcasting messages to multiple terminals or groups of terminals, reducing the cost and complexity of managing deployed assets in the field

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